COVID-19 Assam: 814 Cases Detected on Tuesday

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With COVID-19 tests being ramped up in Assam, more people are being found to be carrying the contagion. Amidst this surge in the number of positive cases, 814 fresh cases have surfaced today in the state. Out of those, 588 are from Guwahati alone. The total number of infected people jumps to 13336 with this.

Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, while informing this, tweeted, “Alert ~ 814 new #COVID19 cases detected today, 588 from Guwahati City.” He also urged everyone to be extra cautious by saying that “self-control is critical”.

Assam has suddenly found itself in a soup with a sudden spike in positive cases. Community transmission, which was looked at with fright and horror so far, has become a reality now in Assam.

Last Sunday, the State Health Minister officially announced the city of Guwahati  to have entered the pandemic stage.

Not just Guwahati, community transmission is also feared to have entered Jorhat. In light of this, Jorhat will face a complete lockdown from July 9.

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