COVID-19: Athgaon Masjid declared containment zone

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The Assam Government has declared the Athgaon Karbarstan Masjid of Guwahati as a containment zone to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Reportedly, Around 100 people met for a religious event at the mosque on March 12. The Covid-19 patient from Hailakandi who died today along with two Covid-19 positive patients from Dhubri- Jamaluddin Hazi and Rahimuddin were also present there.

Addressing a press conference in NHM office, Guwahati, Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the Athgaon Kabristhan Masjid is emerging as a hotspot and has been sealed for 14 days.

 “Faijul Haque Barbhuyan, the COVID19 patient from Hailakandi who died today, two COVID19 positive patients from Dhubri—Jamaluddin Hazi and Rahimuddin were also present there. The mosque has been sealed and declared as containment zone,” said minister Sarma.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the country, people continue to come across a lot many jargons around the COVID-19 related news and one such term is “containment zone”.

The perimeters of the containment zone are decided based on the number of positive cases in the area, contact tracing history and population density.

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