COVID-19: Bangladeshi Person Arrested Over Fake Negative Test Results


In a shocking development that would shake the foundations of the healthcare establishment of Bangladesh, a private hospital owner was reportedly arrested by Police on Thursday on charges of committing medical fraud amidst the pandemic.

A CNN report said that Mohamaad Shahed (43) – the accused – was at large for the last ten days while trying to escape the authorities. He was caught while trying to sneak into India through a river wearing a burqa.

Shahed reportedly has been accused of providing fake COVID-19 test results to people. In exchange for money, he has been accused of declaring people negative for the virus.

He has also been accused of charging money from people for providing treatment and test certificates even after entering into an agreement with the government that he would offer his services pro-bono.  

The accused, reportedly, in his two medical facilities had tested more than 10,000 cases. Out of those, more than 6000 were tampered with.    

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