COVID-19 India: Delhi worst-hit surpassing Mumbai with 70,390 Cases

With 3,788 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, Delhi has become the worst-hit city in India, surpassing Mumbai.

The total tally of positive cases in the national capital has escalated to 70,390 against that of 69,528 cases in Mumbai. A total of 2,365 people have lost their lives in Delhi.

The 3,788 new cases in Delhi is the second-highest single-day spike seen in the city so far. Of the total cases in the city, 41,437 people have recovered while there are 26,588 active cases, a report stated.

In addition, the Government has come up with an eight-point ‘Revised Delhi COVID Response Plan’ amid an unprecedented daily spike in positive cases. As per the plan, the house-to-house screening will be conducted first in the containment zone and later across the city.

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