COVID-19 screening centre set up in Guwahati Refinery, 6 tests positive


Assam health minister Pijush Hazarika on Saturday attended the commencement of the screening test centre at Guwahati Refinery’s High School in Noonmati.

The COVID-19 standard Q test will be conducted here and the results will be declared within a span of fifteen minutes.

20 persons already underwent the screening test this morning. Six have already been tested positive. None of the infected patients have a record of travel history.

The six patients are Harsharam Deka, Kuldeep Deka, Moni Deka, Bablu Kumar Singh, and borthers Chintu and Jintu Sharma.

Meanwhile, the minister addressing the media said, “There are 2500 beds for the treatment of patients with COVID-19,” adding, “Only 250 beds have been occupied”.

The minister further asserted, “Another 2500 beds are ready for COVID-19 positive patients”.

Hazarika said unlike public hospitals and set-ups, any patient getting treated at private hospitals will have to bear the medical expenses themselves.

He also declared that many areas in Noonmati will be sanitized henceforth, “Recently, many residents from Noonmati are being infected with COVID-19”.

So far, around 50 persons from Noonmati have tested positive for the deadly virus.

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