COVID-19: USA Reports Highest Daily Count


USA, the country hardest hit by the pandemic, reported more than 66,000 COVID-19 positive cases on Saturday. It is the highest single-day count in the country so far.

This has been confirmed by a report by AFP. The US has so far posted more than 32 lakh positive cases. It has witnessed more than 1.3 lakh deaths.

In the midst of this fearful scenario, Trump Administration is pushing hard for reopening of schools, and undermining the seriousness of the matter.

It was recently at loggerheads with a few politicians who said that the federal government should give financial aid to the schools to help them put in place the safety protocols necessitated by the pandemic.

On Saturday, after much suasion, POTUS finally donned a mask in public to set an example for the citizens.

Earlier, his administration was also at odds with top universities including Harvard and MIT over the former’s call to send back foreign students of online courses. Both the universities had sued the administration.

As reported, the underlying motive behind the call was to discourage universities from moving to online courses in the wake of the pandemic-induced fears and apprehensions.

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