Crude oil production in Assam decreases in April- June quarter of current year


The crude oil production by public sector oil majors in Assam has been decreased in the April- June quarter of current year. The recently released official data has reflected that in the first quarter of current financial year, the two top PSU of crude oil producers – OIL and ONGC’s production has been decreased in Assam.

ONGC ( Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) produced 80,000 tonnes of crude oil from its Assam and Tripura oil fields in April- June quarter of this year. Last year it was 82,000 tons in the same quarter period.

On the other hand , Oil India Limited produced 279, 000 tonnes crude oil from its Assam , Rajasthan and Arunachal Pradesh oil fields. This was more or less same in last year ‘s same quarter. Oil’s failed to produce its targeted 292, 000 tonnes of crude oil in the June quarter.

At the same time , OIL and ONGC both targeted to produce 83,000 tons of crude oil from oil fields in Tripura and Assam.
ONGC’s target to produce 246 ,000 tonnes of crude oil in April- June quarter of this fiscal but it was production was short by 2,000 tonnes. OIL’s total production in the April – June quarter was 838,000 tonnes against the target of 840,000 tonnes.

On-shore oil fields are located in the Brahmaputra valley of north-east India, Gujarat coast in western India and Cauvery on-shore basin in Tamil Nadu. Assam is the oldest oil producing state in India. The main oil bearing strata extend for a distance of 320 km in upper Assam along the Brahmaputra valley.

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