C’ship Bill BJP’s main weapon for polarization : Akhil Gogoi


Krishak Mukti Sangram Smiti (KMSS ) chief Akhil Gogoi called for a press conference  its head office in Guwahati on Sunday and said that the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 is Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) main weapon for polarization in Assam. The BJP which has not been successful in construction of the Ram Temple in  Ayodhya has now chosen the Citizenship Bill to polarize the people of Assam.

Gogoi said, the regional wakening of the Assamese people are on the verge of failure as the BJP led center is adamant on implementing the Bill.

The peasant leader feared that even if the bill is not passed at Rajya Sabha, the bill would be passed through a joint session.

He appealed the people of Assam to come forward and protest against the bill during Uruka and Magh Bihu. Gogoi said he would start a hunger strike on Uruka (eve of Magh Bihu) which will continue till next the day. He also urged the people the burn the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 on Uruka.

Gogoi also alleged that  the Congress and Trinamool Congress have not fully opposed the bill. Gogoi said, the Congress has got a historic opportunity in Assam to protest against the bill and to bring back the lost faith among the people in Assam.

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