Cyclone Fani weakening, Assam may escape the severity


Assam may escape the severity of the  Cyclone Fani as it is gradually getting weaker and only the westernmost tip of Assam  i.e  Goalpara, Dhubri and Kokrajjhar district may get very heavy rain while remaining part of lower and central Assam will remain under deep depression but it is unlikely to cause any major damage unless flood water create other issues.

The latest information came from the Assam state Disaster management authority as well as local Indian Meteorological Department as all are constantly monitoring the eye of cyclone which is now near Kolkata but gradually weakening.

Meanwhile Odisha showing great character of resilience  is slowly limping back to normalcy and casualty so far have remained in single figure, which is a great credit for the Odisha authorities.

11 lakh people have been evacuated and they are slowly returning as streets are being cleared and power restoration are going on and by noon tomorrow the power will be back completely.

Considering the power of the cyclone, the damage was much less although hundreds of trees were uprooted and there were extensive damages to houses and vehicles as some vehicles were blown away by the wind.

At this moment the cyclone has reached Bengal and causing great damages and by afternoon it is expected to leave for Bangladesh where heavy rain is expected as the speed of the wind have come down to around 100-70 km per hour.

In Assam the biggest threat is now landslide in and around Guwahati as more rain will trigger landslide while in lower Assam there are expectation of flood and ASDMA  authorities confirmed that they were in complete readiness.

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