‘Dadagiri’ Tax Continues at Srirampur check gate


While the BJP-led Assam government has been combating against corruption and syndicate raj, authorized middlemen continue to run the roost at Srirampur gate, brazenly operating illegal counters at the behest of corrupt officials and politicians.

Now, the news rocks the Home Department of the Government of Assam.

After-which, Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal on Saturday ordered Chief Secretary of Assam and DGP Kuladhar Saikia to investigate the matter.

Sadin- Pratidin group journalist visited the inter-state check gate and found dalals extorting money from truckers from illegal counters.

During the visit, it has come to light that Goonda tax collector ‘Alongbar Helpline society’ allegedly operating the syndicate raj at Srirampur check-gate. This is a regular scene at the Srirampur check-gate.

The truck drivers are forced to pay Rs 1500/- (Each truck) followed by threats if they refuse to comply.

These illegal counters are allegedly operating with the patronage of some officials of the Sales Tax department. Finding no other alternative, truckers accompanied them and pay the Dadagiri taxes.

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