Datamation Launches E-Commerce Operations Across Northeast


Datamation Services, one of the pioneering names in the domain of consumer electronics and information technology in Northeast India, has launched an online e-commerce platform to provide better service and timely support to its customers.

In view of the rising outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the e-commerce platform will make convenience its backbone for the customers to get the purchased products at their doorsteps. Furthermore, a mobile application will be launched soon.

Established in 1988, besides dealing in consumer electronics and information technology, Datamation Sevices also expanded in the field of home appliances, telecommunications and office automation, making them one of the leading Indian corporations to explore the consumer goods sector. Presently, the enterprise has six retail stores and one service centre.

Moreover, Datamation Services believes in supporting their consumers to make the best usage of their data.

“This initiative is launched for consumers’ convenience to avail the e-commerce facility and to home-deliver their essentials through this online platform,” Director of Datamation Services, Pawan Agarwal said.

Associated with primarily consumer electronics goods industry for over 30 years now, products such as computers, computers’ accessories, laptops, smartphones, cameras, game console, speakers, air-conditioners, air-coolers, home and kitchen appliances including televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines are available across Datamation retail stores.

Customers can visit and purchase the items through UPI or card or net banking payment services which will be delivered to the customer’s home within a short span of time. Attractive offers and discounts are available as well.

“Datamation Services pays special attention to ensure that every customer gets the right product at the right price,” Agarwal said to Asomiya Pratidin, adding, “Also, we look into any issue related to both warranty and non-warranty products”.

The products purchased through this platform are delivered within a day without any delivery charges in Guwahati. However, in the case of North East region, such charges are not levied and arrangements are made to deliver the products to the customer at the earliest.

Additionally, for better customer support Datamation Services is available 24×7 over telephone and email. Besides, reaching Datamation Services through their online portal,, the organization can be reached on Facebook and Instagram @datamationghy

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