Day after Howdy Modi, Trump pampers Imran


Living up to the expectation as the most unprofitable world leader, the day after cosying with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Howdy Modi, US President Donald Trump pampered Imran Khan today and offered mediation in Kashmir.

The US President Donald Trump renewed his offer of mediation between India and Pakistan on Monday ahead of a meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

At the beginning of Monday’s meeting with Imran Khan, President Trump said if both Mr. Khan and PM Modi wanted him to mediate an agreement between them on Kashmir, he was “ready, willing and able”.

“I trust Pakistan… Want to see everyone treated well in Kashmir… I have a very good relation with Prime Minister Modi. I have a very good relationship with Prime Minister Khan. If they both say ‘we have a point to iron out’, I will be ready to do it,” he told reporters, Imran Khan at his side. “I think I’d be an extremely good arbitrator,” he added.

This mediation offer put India in a very awkward position, as India always maintains that Kashmir is a bilateral issue and third party mediation is not possible.

Earlier too, during meetings with Imran Khan in which the Pakistan President had flagged Kashmir, President Trump had talked of mediation between Islamabad and New Delhi. But India had given a firm “no”, reiterating that Kashmir was a bilateral issue.

In his address yesterday, PM Modi had launched into a strong attack on Pakistan, which is also attending the UN General Assembly and is expected to raise Kashmir. Without naming the country, he said they have “made hatred towards India the centre of their agenda. They support terror, they harbour terrorists”.

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