No NRC extension, media mix up office notification


A routine technical six monthly notification of RGI was confused by media in Assam as the new dates for publication of the NRC.

As the RGI notification extended the period to June 30, 2019, media reported  in confusing manner forgetting that the dates were decided by the Supreme Court as per the Standard operation procedure(SOP) drafted by Central Government.

RGI new notification was a routine six monthly extension as term of last notification is going to expire on December 31,2018. This is done every six months for financial allocation. It has nothing to do with the Dates which was already decided by SC through detailed SOP.

This is a technical notification to keep the entire operation on as last notification is going to expire on Dec 18, said NRC coordinator Prateek Hajela terming it as “inconsequential”  as Supreme Court had already set up the dates.

Meanwhile with just two more days to little over 26 lakh of the 40 lakh people left out of the final draft have applied for NRC’s re admission.

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