Deficit of funds to repair dilapidated roads of Assam


Two years have passed since the BJP-AGP-BPF coalition government came to power in Assam. State Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had been relentlessly making announcements about projects and that funds shall never be a hurdle in the path of progress. However, the on ground reality is seen to be totally different.

Sarma has now accepted the deficit of funds of the government to repair dilapidated roads across the state. The Centre as well as NABARD have been approached for funds.

It has also come to light the MLAs across the state, unlike earlier, shall not be allotted funds for repairing roads in their constituencies. At a time when Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal had set a time frame of 30 hours for repairing roads, deficit of funds has raised concerns among citizens.

Reportedly, Himanta Biswa Sarma, who holds the Finance as well as PWD portfolio, has started meeting the MLAs separately.

In a meeting of the APWD on July 07, Sarma said that a minimum amount of Rs 5,000 crore is needed to repair roads across Assam. “We have received reports from our MLAs. We have to see how much we can afford. If we can manage Rs 3,000 crores, changes have to be made in the list of works. If we can manage the full amount, the same shall be allotted” Sarma said.

It may be mentioned here that MLAs across Assam were earlier allotted an amount of Rs 20 crore to repair roads in their constituencies. The same shall be stopped now; MLAs shall be allotted amounts based on necessity and amounts shall differ accordingly.

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