Delhi: Boy Gouges Sister’s Eyes For Buying Dress Worth Rs. 100


A 17-year-old boy in Delhi tortured his sister and gouged out her eyes as he got anger after she purchased a dress worth Rs. 100, said Delhi Commission of Women.

The DCW rescued the victim on Tuesday during a routine visit to the area from their home at Dwarka in Delhi who originally belongs from Bihar.

The boy’s brutal attack on her sister has been discovered by the members of DCW’s mahila panchayat when the girl was crying and they heard the girl’s cry during their door-to-door visit in the locality.

On being enquired, the neighbours informed that the boy often abuses and beats up his sisters.

After they come to know about the incident, they immediately called up DCW’s office and approached the house. The boy also tries to attack the mahila panchayat members when they tried to enter the house and also abused them. But the mahila panchayat somehow managed to enter the house and found that the girl was lying on the floor.

It was witnessed by the mahila panchayat members that the face of the girl has swollen up from the injuries and she was bleeding.  

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