Delhi Election Result Won’t impact Other State’s Election: Sushmita Dev


Reacting on the result of the Delhi Assembly election, President of All India Mahila Congress, Sushmita Dev on Tuesday said that today’s result will not have any impact on the elections of other states in the future.

Sushmita Dev, while visiting the Central Jail today to meet youth Congress President Kamrul Islam Choudhury said that the miserable condition of Congress in the Delhi election will not impact the other states’ election. She said that the issues of the respective states will have an impact on the elections in the other states.

Visiting the central jail to meet Kamrul Islam Choudhury, who was arrested in allegations against violation during the anti-CAA protests, the Congress leader said that she will provide legal help to Choudhury.

Later, commenting on the implementation of Clause VI of the Assam Accord, Dev said, “There are no specific numbers of Assamese based on the language and that she won’t neglect her mother language at any cost.”

She also criticized Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s statement that if a person would like to do government job then they must know the Assamese language.

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