Delhi HC Makes Wearing Mask Mandatory In Cars Even When Alone

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Amidst COVID resurge, the Delhi High Court has ruled out that wearing of masks is mandatory in vehicles, even when traveling alone with no occupants.

Reiterating that “Mask is a suraksha kavach against spread of virus”, the court said that even vaccinated persons must wear masks.

“…right at the outbreak of the pandemic, several experts, doctors and researchers had emphasised on the need to wear masks. It said that masks should be worn even when a person is vaccinated,” it said.

The Court opined that if the vehicle traverses through public places, there may be others who may risk exposure. 

“a vehicle even if constituted by one person would constitute a public place.. wearing of mask would be compulsory,” the court observed.

“Wearing of a mask of a face cover in a vehicle, which may be occupied by either a single person or multiple persons, is… compulsory in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic,” it added.

The statement was made while the court was addressing petitions challenging the imposition of challans on people for not wearing masks while alone in private vehicles. The petitioner cited Centre’s guidelines which did not say anything about wearing masks while alone in vehicles.

One of the petitioners sought a refund of Rs 500 the amount he paid after he was challened for not wearing a mask along with Rs 10 lakh as compensation for alleged mental harassment. 

On April 6, night curfew was imposed in the national capital due to rising COVID cases.

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