Despite virus fears, Barpeta Satra celebrates festival of colours


Thousands of devotees in Barpeta Satra welcomed spring in a rainbow of colours Thursday, celebrating the annual festival of Holi even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he would stay away from festivities due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This year, the Doul festival in Barpeta Satra will be celebrated for four days from March 8 to March 11.

“We will play Holi showering ‘Phakuguri’ which is made naturally by the local youths of our town. We have immense faith in God. And we believe God (Kaliya Thakur) will save us from every disaster. So we will keep our tradition intact and play Holi enthusiastically. I also urge people not to use China-made piskaris and color”, Basistha Sarma, the Burha Xatriya of Barpeta Satra said.

The ancient Hindu festival of Holi, which heralds the end of winter and the victory of good over evil, will be marked with a national public holiday in India on Tuesday, when revellers pour onto the streets.

India is the world’s second-most populous nation after China, where the virus first emerged late last year.

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