Dhemaji: Allegations Raised Against Water Resource Dept for Embezzling Funds

An allegation has been raised against Dhemaji’s Water Resources Department officials for embezzling large sums of government fund which was raised for changing the course of the Jiadhal River.

As per reports, a sum of rupees 2 crore was sanctioned in 2019-20 year under State Owned Priority Development (SOPD) scheme to change the river course of the Jiadhal River.

The locals of the region alleged that the particular department officials and contractors were looted the funds’ money by only putting some bamboo to it.

It may be stated that last year, the river has shifted from the main course of the river to the largely populated areas in Dhemaji and destroyed the agricultural fields, roads, schools, etc.

Locals hoped that this scheme will be able to provide some relief to them.

However, it’s not able to get the slightest relief for the locals as the officials corrupted the scheme.

Locals demanded CM Sarbananda Sonwal and Water Resources Minister Keshav Mahanta to look into the matter, who always spoke about zero tolerance.

Otherwise many organizations will sit in a protest against corruption.

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