Dhubri woman allegedly cuts man’s genitals for neglecting her

In a shocking incident, a 20-year old woman allegedly cropped off her husband’s private parts with a sharp blade in Bahadurtari area of Dhubri town.

Momina Khatun, victim Sofiur Rahman’s second wife, allegedly took the drastic step after her husband neglected her for his first wife and kept staying with her instead of Khatun.

According to Police, Khatun was upset with her husband Rahman as he used live with his first wife and rarely visited her. She was displeased of the fact that she was made to work in the paddy fields and not treated well while her husband spent most of his time with his first wife.

“Momina fled the scene after the crime, but Rahman’s cries for help alerted neighbors who managed to catch her and hand her over to us,” said Ajit Kumar Rai, officer in-charge of Dhubri police station.

Rahman is currently in serious condition and has been shifted to Guwahati for further treatment.

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