Dibrugarh Man Arrested For Dragging Dog’s Carcass


A person was arrested by Dibrugarh police on Saturday for dragging the dead body of a dog by his vehicle. The gruesome incident created quite a storm on social media after a Facebook video uploaded by one Amirun Nisha showing the same went viral, prompting the Police to take swift action against the accused under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Identified as Tarifuddin Ahmed of the Chaulkhowa area of the Dibrugarh town, the accused is seen in the video dragging the dead body along the street after fastening it to his two-wheeler. He was also carrying a pillion rider, flouting the COVID-19-induced guidelines.

His arrest has been confirmed by TSI Manoranjan Saikia. Speaking to Pratidin Time Digital Desk, he said that apart from committing the inhumane act and flouting the said guidelines, the accused was also hurling offensive words at the onlookers who were trying to stop him.

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