Dibrugarh: Police Recovers Mortar Shell On Roadside

On Sunday, Dibrugarh Police recovered a mortar shell from a place near Bokpara Chariali on the by-pass in Dibrugarh.

According to police, the mortar shell which seems to be very old and rusted was spotted by a local in the area while he was on his morning walk, reported a local media.

The recovery of the mortar shell has triggered panic among the people of the area.

According to the local media report, Dibrugarh deputy superintendent of police (DSP-Headquarters) Bipul Chetia said, “We have recovered the mortar shell from the by-pass in Dibrugarh. We have started an investigation into the matter.”

“We suspect that someone kept the mortar shell in their house and after knowing that he would be charged by police for keeping mortar shell left it on the roadside of the by-pass,” he further added.

The mortar shell has been kept in the Mancotta area and Army’s bomb squad is coming to observe the mortar shell, stated the report.

Sources also said that the United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I) might have used the mortal shell against the security forces.

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