Dibrugarh Town Still Reeling Under Flash Flood


The Dibrugarh town is still reeling under flood even after seven days. The district administration has used high power pumps in order to pump out water from the town.

The waterlogging in the Dibrugarh town is a long pending problem as the drainage system are poor due to which the water couldn’t flow out freely.

The town protection drain, built in the early 1950s, lost the capacity to flush out rainwater.

Corsan Corviam, a Madrid-based construction firm, was awarded the Rs 169.89-crore contract on February 20, 2014, under the Assam Urban Infrastructure Investment Programme.

The company started the construction of the 9.5 km drain on June 5, 2014, but the pace remained so sluggish that even after the May 22, 2017 deadline, less than 20 per cent of work could be finished.

In November 2017, the company left the project after it’s parent organization filed for bankruptcy.

Due to the poor drainage system, the people of the town have faced severe waterlogging every year.

This year all the 22- wards under Dibrugarh Muncipal Board (DMB) were underwater.

The rainwater has entered almost every other house and people have shifted to other places.

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