Did Akhil take 4 crore from Congress & AIUDF?

Akhil demands probe, shall quit KMSS if proven guilty

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Did Akhil Gogoi take s four crores from Congress and AIUDF to broker a deal so that both the parties have a secret agreement of not giving strong candidate against each other?

Akhil  Gogoi said it is a false allegation but his onetime deputy Hiranya Pathari, who walked over to the BJP fold, said that he did take.

Now Akhil Gogoi demanded proof.“Sarbananda Sonowal after becoming CM had ordered a probe against possession of my assets. I dare him to publish the report of the investigation.”

But Pathari is adamant. ” When press conferences are addressed by Akhil and allegations are leveled against somebody, does Akhil give proof. Everybody in KMSS knows how money is collected from every deal” countered Pathari,.

The bone of contention is that Congress-AIUDF secret understanding and political circle know that Akhil Gogoi has been playing an active role to defeat BJP. This was also confirmed by Senior Lawyer Arup Borbora, who came to the Pratidin Time studio and exposed how Akhil Gogoi was deeply involved in candidate selection of Congress party.

But all hell broke loose when dozens of Akhil Gogoi’s cadre walked over to the BJP fold, including the finance secretary of his student wing Hiranya Pathari, who started singing Akhil’s deeds.

Akhil quickly retorted the next day.  Stating that there is no question of negotiation in between the two political parties (Congress and AIUDF), Gogoi told reporters that he had made an appeal to reject AIUDF and BJP in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls to save democracy.

He also announced to leave KMSS and public life if anyone can prove that he had taken Rs 3 crores or Rs 1 crore.

Gogoi also said, “Now, the RSS and BJP have a golden chance and let them prove that I have taken money. Ranjeet Dass (Assam BJP president) and (Sarbananda) Sonowal should take my challenge.”

But Pathari hit him back again. “Does any thief leave any trail. This is old modus operandi of Akhil Gogoi who uses us to protest against anything only to broker a deal after that. He did with oil companies,. corrupt officials and land mafias. He did it with Congress and also with AIUDF. He took Rs 3 crores from Congress and another Rs 1 crore from AIUDF” he told media.

Akhil is in a soup because he himself level charges against politicians and bureaucrats over the years without any substantive evidence damaging their personal lives beyond repair. But the BJP is laughing all the way for catching Akhil in his own game.

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