Digboi’s Jr. College Student beaten up inside hostel


In a shocking incident in Digboi, a student of RD Junior College alleged of being ragged by a group of students inside the hostel premises.

The incident’s video got viral in social media. In the video it is seen that after exchanging a few words the boys attacked the victim. The video showed a boy kicking the victim from behind and then the other trashed him.

The hostellers forced the victim to sing song and dance to the beats. As in the video the boys used slag words repeatedly while enjoying the victim’s Assamese Bihu song.

The incident took place during dinner time of NB Hostel. According to sources the hostel warden was absent while the incident took place.

Addressing the media, the principal of RD Junior College Digboi said,” We take stern measures to stop ragging in the college and hostel premices. For that we make the students aware of Ragging being a criminal offence as per the Supreme Court verdict. As the Supreme Court has directed all educational institutions to take strict anti-ragging measures, including slapping criminal cases against erring students. We are totally against Ragging and we have made a circular banning this system.”

“We have already suspended the group of students who were involved in this horrific incident of ragging under suspension both from the college and from hostel”.

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