Dekhow incident- a suicide or accident?


The tragic death of  family at Dekhow last week is turning out to be a possible case of suicide.

All indicators suggest that it was plan suicide by head of the family Haren Bora, not an accident as it was initially suspected.

The first suspicion came when local people informed that Haren Bora came to the spot in the morning in a scooty and spent quite some time. He in fact came to the village to see a village tantric as he was having financial problem specially as one his city bus had an accident and he was fighting several cases.

More suspicion arose, as he not only asked his regular drive to stay behind but forcefully took his younger daughter in the car who was busy in a marriage at the village.

Moreover the information had now come that  Haren Bora had handed over all his property documents and legal document to one of his friend for safe custody at Guwahati. Lastly not only he drove the vehicle in great speed in the narrow embankment but he could steer the car through the girder put by the water resource department at the bank of Dekhow.

All these indicators almost confirm that Haren Bora’s family tragedy was not accidental but intentional. Otherwise in a village narrow embankment, it would be near impossible to slip into a river unless it is deliberate.

However it seems that it was not a mass suicide but only planned by Haren Bora add other members of the family had no inkling  as both the daughters made frantic attempt to get out of the car.

Meanwhile after five days of continuous search operation by the SDRF, NDRF and a special team from the navy, the operation team has been able to recover the car and brought out highly decomposed bodies of the five of the same family.

The car with the family drove straight into the Dekhow river after making a wrong turn. As the engine ceased they could not open the door and window and soon they were swallowed by the river .
After 4 days of relentless search involving both SDRF and NDRF and Navy, two SDRF jawnas eventually found the car when the large 20 kg magnet specially brought by them from Dibrugarh stuck to the bumper of the car.
One of the jawan dived to find the car and soon it was tied with a rope and brought to the bank. ironically the car was discovered within 300 metere of the accident spot and did not traveled far distance.
All the bodies were inside and in a decomposed state and they were embracing each other realizing inevitable death.
It may be noted that all the hi-tech strategies brought in by the Navy, SONAR technology, had failed. It was only a block of magnet that had led the SDRF team to trace the vehicle.
“First the deep diver found that the magnet has caught something. The diver then found a tyre near it. He then tied a rope to it and came up to inform his team members that the car has been found” said a SDRF leader Jiten Doley.
It was a heart rendering scene as the tragedy had left a pall of gloom in the whole area.

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