Dimapur Truckers Seeks Compensation For Assam Driver’s Family


Three days after the brutal murder of truck driver Jiten Gogoi by unidentified gunmen at Nagaland’s Dimapur, five transport unions have served a 3-day ultimatum to the state government demanding compensation for the victim’s family alongside safety for transporters.

The ultimatum threatened to stop all trucks from entering Dimapur and to declare complete chakka jam indefinitely if their demands are not met.

The five unions are Dimapur District Truck Owners Association, Dimapur Truck Drivers’ Union, Dimapur District Truck Drivers’ Welfare Trade Union, Lahorijan & Khatkati Truckers Welfare Society, and Bokajan Truck Owners Association.

The ultimatum also said the incident has created fear among drivers and they are not willing to enter Dimapur until their safety and protection are fully assured.

Condemning the murder, the Opposition, Naga People’s Front (NPF) today said that the persistent failure of the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) Government of Nagaland to enforce accountability and transparency in matters of public security and welfare is a huge contributing factor in the deplorable law and order situation that Nagaland is now in.

The NPF lamented that the law and order situation in which, criminals are audacious enough to commit such a heinous crime in the heart of the commercial hub of Nagaland.

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