Dipali Borthakur funeral LIVE UPDATES


11:30 AM : The final journey begins: Dipali Borthakur’s mortal remains are being carried to AIR Guwahati from her Beltola residence on Saurav Nagar. Arrangements are being made to start the final funeral procession from there.

11:32 AM : Huge crowd of people has joined the procession as it progresses from Borthakur’s residence to AIR Guwahati. The mortal remains are accompanied by armed forces personnel who are guarding the chariot.

11:35 AM : A huge crowd gathers at AIR Guwahati, Dipali Borthakur’s mortal remains will be brought to Ravindra Bhawan shortly.

12:03 PM : The mortal remains of Dipali Borthakur have reached Rabindra Bhawan.

12:14 PM : The mortal remains have been brought to Sahitya Sabha bhawan.

12:19 PM : End of an era as Assam bids a teary-eyed adieu to Dipali Borthakur.

12:22 PM : Teary-eyed well-wishers bid adieu to their beloved singing personality.

12:32 PM : AASU leaders, Assam artists along with various organisations leaders and activists pay last respects to Dipali Borthakur at Swahid Nyas (AASU office).

12:41 PM : The eminent personality will be accorded a state funeral.

12:41 PM : The last rites of ‘Nightingle of Assam’ Dipali Borthakur will take place at Navagraha Crematorium.

12:45 PM : The procession progresses towards Navagraha Crematorium at Chenikuthi, Guwahati.

12:53 PM : Assam minsters, artists, well-wishers reach Navagraha Crematorium. Preparations underway to carry out the last rites on Dipali Borthakur.

1:11 PM : People giving tribute to their beloved singing personality at Navagraha Crematorium. Thousands on road to witness the last journey.

1:46 PM : The mortal remains of Dipali Borthakur have consigned to the flames at Navagraha Crematorium with full state honour. The last rites have been performed by her husband Neel Paban Baruah.

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