Disrupted rainfall causes landslide in Dima Hasao

Due to torrential rain during the past two days normal road communication in Dima Hasao district of Assam was affected by floods, damaged roads,  landslides at several places following which Haflong-Silchar road was closed Saturday.

The landslide damaged houses and roads in many parts of the district mainly in Maibang, Mahur, Langting, Hatikhali, and Harangajao region and the Haflong-Silchar road was cut off completely due to heavy rainfall and landslide at various places. In Hatikhali the Hatikhali police outpost was also flooded with rainwater.

Altogether 3 nos of dumper engaged in carrying rocks from the river were washed out in the Jatinga river in Harangajao under Harngajao police station today however there is no report on the loss of life or injury received. The water level in most of the hilly rivers rises dangerously high.

Most of the roads were washed out by the heavy rain in the regions. Restoration work also affected due to the excess level of water and rain.

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