Do not use defence forces for vote:EC


Do not use Armed forces for political tools and specially during the electioneering, the Election Commission today sternly told all the political parties.

Noting that political parties have been using photographs of defense personnel in advertisements, the Election Commission (EC) Saturday asked them to desist from making references to the armed forces in their political campaign.

With barely few days before the announcement of Lok Sabha elections, the EC reiterated its instructions of 2013 on armed forces, which comes in the wake of complaints against parties for using the armed forces for political gains, especially in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack and the February 26 Balakot air strike.

The EC wrote to presidents, chairpersons and general secretaries of all recognised parties Saturday drawing their attention to an old circular dated December 4, 2013. “It is pertinent to mention here that the Armed Forces of a nation are the guardian of its frontiers, security and the political system. They are apolitical and neutral stakeholders in a modern democracy. It is, therefore, necessary that the political parties and leaders exercise great caution while making any reference to the Armed Forces in their political campaign,” stated the EC directive.

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