Donald Trump threatens ‘HOLD’ on WHO funding


US President Donald Trump has criticized the World Health Organization (WHO) as being “very biased” toward China. He hinted at possible suspension of US funding for the WHO.

Trump was speaking at a White House briefing on Tuesday.

He referred to a concern expressed by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in February over the US government’s ban on travel from China.

The president said the WHO’s criticism was wrong and seemed “very China-centric.”

Trump said the US “will look at ending funding” for the WHO. The US contribution accounts for about a quarter of the WHO budget.

Meanwhile, the New York Times and other media reported that Trump failed to take seriously a memo on the coronavirus pandemic submitted to the president before the US outbreak.

White House adviser Peter Navarro reportedly sent the memo in late January warning that the coronavirus could create a pandemic, with a possible US death toll of 500,000.

Trump said that he had not seen the memo. He stressed that about the same time he was thinking he should tackle the outbreak.

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