Doubtful citizens detained at Duliajan


In a tensed situation in Duliajan, the members of All Assam Students’ Union (AASU), All Tai Ahom Students’ Union (ATASU) and Brihattar Asomiya Mahila Mancha on Thursday detained around 50 doubtful citizens including women and children at the Duliajan railway station on Wednesday night. They were allegedly hiding at the Railway station.

Officials of Railways informed police about the situation and police after reaching the spot controlled the situation. The group of doubtful citizens was later sent to another place by train.

Though the alleged doubtful citizens claimed that they have come from Rajasthan, the organizations said that the doubtful citizens were unable to show any valid documents.

“They have been hiding in the railway station and were unable to show any documents even after our continuous request,” said a member of the organizations.

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