Dr. Anamika Ray Case: MCI Upholds DMC’s Order

Medical Council of India (MCI) upholds the order of Delhi Medical Council against the two doctors involved in the medical negligence case of late Dr. Anamika Ray.

Dr. Ray was an Assistant Professor at Gauhati University and a renowned media educator of the Northeast who underwent a laparoscopic gall bladder surgery in 2015 and died due to the alleged medical negligence. Her husband filed a case against the doctors which was later confirmed by the investigation undertaken by the Delhi Medical Council.

The case was later examined by the MCI after her husband, Ankuran Dutta filed an appeal expressing dissatisfaction over the DMC order passed on June 16, 2017. Dutta said, “I was not satisfied with the DMC order and therefore filed an appeal to enhance the punishment awarded to the two doctors. Though MCI has not submitted my appeal after examining the case has made a judgement against the doctors considering that there was gross negligence on the part of the doctors.”

The order issued also stated that MCI upheld the DMC order to remove the two doctors involved in the medical negligence case from the state medical register of DMC for 15 days.

Dutta said that the ethical sub-committee of the MCI concluded that there is no infirmity in the order of DMC and therefore, decided to uphold the order.

Dutta further claimed that he is still not happy with the punishment awarded, later upheld by the MCI too as it is unfortunate that doctors found guilty of taking someone’s life have the advantage to commit crime through medical negligence and he gets only 15-days suspension which he can use as a holiday package under broad daylight.

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