Drug Mafia Arrested from Dimapur


The Golaghat police have arrested one drug mafia by launching an operation at Dimapur in Nagaland. The drug mafia has been identified as Rajesh Kumar Yadav.

The Golaghat police with the help of Nagaland police have launched the operation after they receive information from an internal source and successfully arrested the drug mafia.

The Golaghat police, however, said that Rajesh Kumar Yadav is the kingpin of creating a huge world of drugs in Golaghat. Police also said that two drug peddlers have been arrested from Golaghat based on a complaint and it was them who said that Yadav is associated with the drugs business. This reveals that the huge business of drugs is operated from Dimapur.

Police also informed that they are interrogating Rajesh and that the police will soon arrest many drug peddlers.

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