Dudhnoi Accident: Locals Attack Doctors


In yet another incident, two doctors have been attacked by a group of people at Dudhnoi Hospital on Wednesday night. Tensed situation prevails in the hospital following the attack on the doctors after two person died in the hospital.

The persons were admitted to the hospital after they met with an accident at Dudhnoi. The first accident takes place at Amjonga in Dudhnoi where a truck hit a bike. The biker Ronjoy Rabha died on spot while another person Pooja Rabha was critically injured.

In another accident, a bike hit a bicycle where two people namely Insaan Ali and Raijuddin Ali were critically injured.

After the incidents, two persons were admitted to the hospital but the locals alleged that Bikash Rabha has lost his life due to the negligence of the doctors.

Following the death of Bikash Rabha, his family members have attacked the two doctors Apurba Boro and Jayanta Sahu and also broke the doors and windows of the hospital.   

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