Dumping AGP, new political party


Dumping AGP Assam is gearing up for a new regional party as a preparatory convention is organized on May 19 (Sunday) at Guwahati. This initiative is led by Lachit Bardoloi, Anup Chetia, Arup Borobora, Kamal Nayan Choudhury.

The AGP has failed and  it is time to have a new party, said Dr Nagen Saikia last night while participating in a program at Pratidin Time.

Already the convention has been organised and there are quite a bit of positive buzz as all thinks that AGP is in the faith path of history and that space should be  occupied by the new regional; p[arty.

“Good news is that except me and Nekibur Zaman, all others who have come forward are from non political background as all realize that there is  urgent need for a regional; party encompassing the tribals and Muslims of Assam” said Mr. Bardoloi.

However all are not so optimistic. “Although we wish the new arty but it will not be easy as the AGP will continue to take lot of space and with dozen MLAs and three ministers they are not going way easily” said  Mr. Brojen Deka, a columnist.

But Mr. Bardoloi as well and Dr Nagen Saikia are optimistic that new party with good people from AGP can flourish and hope of the regional parties can be reflected.

Now all eyes are on Sunday preparatory committee which will then take a few more months for a full scale convention for launching the party.

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