Economy Now Open Up, Should be More Vigilant: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that it is important to be even more vigilant as a major chunk of the economy has opened up.

In his address at ‘Mann ki Baat’, PM Modi said that people of the country must follow all the precautions without any laxity.

He said that India is valiantly fighting the coronavirus battle with collective efforts adding that they realize how big is the achievement of India, by looking at the world.

He said, “Whatever we lost, we all regret but whatever we could save is definitely the result of the collective will power” adding that the entire movement of people which has driven and hailed various initiatives launched by people to serve people during this period of crisis.

“There is a saying in our country ‘Seva Parmo Dharmah’ – service is pleasure in itself. People who serve others have ample confidence, positivity and vitality,” said the Prime Minister.

PM Modi further said that the road ahead is a long one. “We are fighting a pandemic about which little was previously known.”

He said that the fight against Covid-19 “is being powered by innovative spirit of our citizens”.

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