Eight Students Killed In Philippines Road Accident

At least 8 school students died in Philippines road accident

At least eight (8) school students were killed and sixteen others were injured when a truck carrying over two dozen villagers met with an accident in a remote Philippines village on Friday morning.

According to Police, the truck was on its way to a school festival when it lost control on a downhill road and flipped on its side, leaving eight students and an adult companion dead in the central Philippines’ town of Boljoon in Cebu province.

“The injured have been shifted to a hospital after the accident. The students from two village schools were on their way to attend a cultural, health and sports festival in the town centre,” said police investigator Nelson Saquibal.

He further informed that some of the students were pinned under the truck while others were tossed off the vehicle by the impact and retrieved by residents, police and firefighters.

It is worth mentioning here that due to the weak enforcement of traffic laws, rickety vehicles and inadequate road safety railings and signs, especially in the countryside of the country, fatal road accidents are a common sight.

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