Assam Election 2021: BJP All Set For Easy Victory In Assam


BJP is all set to return to Assam with a thumping victory, riding on the planks, development, beneficiary politics, and religious polarisation bringing the all-out effort of Congress-led Mohajot to a nought.

As the counting has reached the third round, BJP is clear ahead leading with 80 seats while Majahot struggling in 38. In fact, the BJP might surprise themselves by doing better than in 2016.

By noon in Assam, the question is not who is winning, but who is going to be the next Chief Minister – Sarabanada Sonowal or Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma?

The newly formed regional bloc of AJP-RD has put up some fights in pockets but overall the regional party clearly has not found favour with the voters. In fact, Regionalism has emerged dead in Assam as there is no impact of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Assam and the present lead clearly says that ordinary voters want the continuation of the BJP government’s development and beneficiary politics.

In fact, today’s counting under the shadow of mounting Covid cases has not sprung any surprises. Rather in the initial rounds, the BJP has done better in some Muslim-dominated constituencies where they are not expected to do better. In the Bodo-dominated zone, BJP’s coalition partner  UPPL has emerged stronger outsmarting BPF.

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