Election results will be late


If you are expecting the election results by noon and move on for the day only to return at night before TV to see the post mortem of it, then you must reschedule your work.

It will be long long agonizing moments for all of you as the results will come in very very slowly, warned the officials who are running the election.

This time election results will be late as new process have been initiated by the Election Commission mostly in regards of VVPAT, postal ballots, as well as there, were in 218 polling booths of Assam where the mock polling was accidentally not factored in.

As a result, although you can expect early trend by late noon the definite results are coming only in late evening some even can run to the next morning or even later.

At least three Returning officers informed Pratidin Time separately that it would be a long haul. Firstly there are 218 polling booths, the polling officers did not factor in the 50 mock votes they did like all polling booths. So in this 218 pollings booths, instead of EVM counting, it will be complete VVPAT counting.

Secondly this time EC has updated the service voters data and made it on line. As a result there will be substantial number of postal ballots and that would be counted manually.

Thirdly as per EC and Supreme Court guidelines a portion of VVPA would be counted manually and for each Assembly constituency, there would be one table for VVPAT and that would considerably slow down the counting process.

Moreover, in case of some defect in the display units of the EVM, there used to be use of an auxiliary units for the display but this time EC had forbidden use of auxiliary units but shall have to wait for the Engineers to fix the display units.

hence results are not expected till late evening making the whole process albeit slow but it would keep the entire people captivated for more than 24 hours.

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