Elephant Creates Havoc in Hojai and Golaghat


The man-elephant conflict has been rising at an alarming rate and the incidences seem to be more in the month of June when elephants from many forest area have come out in the populated areas in search of food.

A herd of elephants has created tremor in Thuramukh area of Golaghat. Locals suspect that the elephants have come from Karbi Hills which are now residing in Nambor Doigrung Wildlife Sanctuary.

Locals said that they are surprised to see that the elephants which are seen usually during the time when the rice crop developed but this time the elephants entered the village when the farmers just planted the rice crops.

Locals of Thuramukh however, said that the herd of elephants has come to the populated areas as they don’t get food in jungle and forest areas as it has been encroached by people.  

On the other hand, wild elephants created havoc in Dighalbari village in Hojai. The elephants’ which has come in search of food has destroyed three houses.

The villagers expressed anger against the idle role of the forest department.

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