Elephant Kills Two in Numaligarh

A wild elephant had killed two creating terror at labourers line at the Numaligarh Bagidhala Tea garden around 4 am on Monday.

As per sources, a woman and an 8 year old child had been killed by the sudden attack of the elephant.
The deceased woman has been identified as Rita Tanti and the child as Rupam Tanti.

Sources further informed that the injured was initially admitted to Golaghat Hospital who later succumbed to his injuries.

The elephant has also destroyed many houses in the workers line of the tea garden.

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Locals have demanded immediate solution to stop this man-elephant conflict that has been going on since years now.
The Numaligarh Forest Department later fled the elephant away, stopping any further destruction in the tea garden.
The conflict between man and elephant in Assam is not a new problem. Since ages, the wild elephants have been destroying houses and attacking human, killing many.

Although the locals of the affected areas have been demanding the government to bring out a solution to tackle this problem over the years, no such effective measures have been imposed to stop these wild elephants.

Besides, every year in the monsoon, due to the flood, the animals from the forest areas comes out in order to save their lives and invades the human habitation creating destruction.

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