Elephant protects girl from others in herd


In one of the most heartwarming stories of the recent times, an elephant stood guard to protect a 4-year-old girl, the incident took place on National Highway 31 near Garumara forest. As per reports, the 4-year-old girl had fallen down from a scooter and an elephant stood as a guard to protect the little girl from other members of its herd.

A businessman, who was with his wife and daughter, stopped the two-wheeler after seeing that a herd of elephants was crossing the road in NH 31 near Garumara forest.

After a while, the elephants went into the other side of the jungle and the business man resumed his journey. However, some other members of the herd that were still inside the jungle appeared on the road and the scooter almost ran into them. The two-wheeler rider applied the break suddenly and all the three fell down.

And that moment, one of the jumbos came forward and stood still keeping the girl in the space between its legs, while other members of the group continued their journey.


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