Elephant Safari Resumes in Kaziranga National Park

The elephant safari in Kaziranga National Park has started on Monday. Director of the park, P Shivkumar started the elephant safari at Kohora range.

The elephant safari at Bagori range has also restarted for tourists with 30 elephants.

Inaugurating the elephant safari at both the ranges, the Director said that the UK nationals who are working in India have visited the park and they are the first tourists for the safari. “We have witnessed large number of tourists and both foreign and national tourists flock to the park with the opening of jeep and elephant safari,” Shivkumar said.

He further added that the tourists are attracted towards the natural beauty of the park. “We have received around 18000 tourists in one month since its opening on October 1. Earlier, we used to receive 10,000 tourists. However, the number would have increased had the foreign tourists would be able to travel. We hope that the foreign tourists also flock to the park with the resuming of the international flights, he said.

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