Elephant strolls around Guwahati

Elephants gracing the streets of Guwahati is now become a common scene. A jumbo was seen taking a stroll on the streets of Panjabari on Tuesday night.

The innocent soul had reportedly strayed away from the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary. However, there were no instances of much damage by the animal except that it had entered a shop and pulled out a rice sack and ate from the cooked food that was being prepared in a hotel.

After, what it seemed, the animal had satisfied its hunger, came back again and gracefully walked on the streets.

Later, forest personnel tactically were able to send the wild elephant back to the sanctuary.

The frequent visits from these wild neighbours of ours have become a matter of concern; a concern about what leads them to the city amid people and the rush leaving the tranquility they dwell in, don’t you think so?

Also, the forest department should take the matter seriously and look into it.

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