Elvis Ali Hazarika First Assamese To Swim 38kms Of Dharamtar-Gateway Course

In a moment of pride, Elvis Ali Hazarika has become the first Assamese to successfully swim from Dharamtar Jetty to the Gateway Of India, Arabian Sea, the total length of which is around 38 kms.

The swim started at 1 am on November 23 and took 10 hours to complete the course.

Earlier, Hazarika had said that the event was part of his preparation for the proposed North Channel Swimming which he will attempt next year.

“It was a very difficult task as we swam along with pretty big sized fish, and we couldn’t see properly at night, due to less light in the water,” Hazarika said after completing the swim.

“This is a dream come true for me, and also the people of Assam,” he added.

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