Elvis Ali Hazarika to cross Catalina Channel; dedicates to Abhi-Nil

By Banjit Kalita

Elvis Ali Hazarika, the international swimmer, sets himself to become the first swimmer from Northeast to cross the Catalina Channel. With plans to pursue his dream in the 15th August this year, Elvis has announced to prepare for the task before swimming through the Channel for a 20 miles stretch, to the shores of Mexico.

Notably, Elvis will dedicate this event to Nilutpol Das and Abhijeet Nath, who lost their lives in the infamous Dokmoka lynching.

Addressing the media in Guwahati on Saturday, Elvis said, “I will swim from USA to Mexico, approximately a distance of 20 miles by sea. The swim will be initiated on the 15th of August, 2019. Along with me, Rimo Saha from West Bengal, will also take part.”

Earlier, Elvis has become the first Assamese to swim 29 km of the English Channel. He has won 68 national and 6 international medals during his career.

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