Empty chairs greet BJP leaders in Guwahati, Karimganj


BJP’s election rallies in Karimganj and in Guwahati’s Borjhar for Kripanath Mallah and Queen Ojha respectively turned into flop shows on Tuesday.

In Karimganj, the party failed to attract voters to an election rally attended by party prabhari Mahendra Singh, Assam minister Parimal Suklabadya and Kabindra Purkayastha. Empty chairs at the venue greeted the leaders on Tuesday.

According to reports, despite BJP workers’ effort to attract voters with packets of sweets, they have failed to gather an adequate number of spectators at the rally venue. Also the thin presence of spectators compelled Mahendra Singh and other leaders to delay their addresses by one hour.

On the other hand, strong winds destroyed the pandal of BJP’s election campaign for Queen Ojha in Borjhar area, which was attended by various leaders of AGP and BJP including Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Ramendra Narayan Kalita, Atul Borah, Kamala Kalita and others.

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