Emu meat to debut in Imphal market


By Phanjoubam Chingkheinganba (Ching)

In the first of its kind in entire North East India, the meat and eggs of Emu is all set to be introduced in the state for consumption.

The endeavour was initiated by Imphal-based Salai Agri Consortium Private Limited back in 2017 when 400 Emu birds were brought from Australia of which many died leaving only 270 Emus survived.

The 5 to 6 feet tall bird is being breeded at a farm in Kangchup Sanjenbam and as of now has 270 adult emus and 80 newly hatched chicks in the farm, informed T Tomba, Secretary of the private company said.

While the meat will be sold at Rs 500 per kilo, it’s eggs which is black in colour will be sold at Rs 200 per kg.

“The second largest bird after Ostrich is considered to survive in all climatic conditions” Tomba remarked.

During the breeding period which lasts from October to March, female Emus can lay upto 32 eggs and is ten to 12 times bigger than eggs of hen.

With a life span of some 40 years, Tomba also said it’s meat has low cholesterol level and it’s skin can be used to make leather bags, Tomba said.

Emu farming in India is a lucrative busines Emu farming is very popular in some states of India like and is also popular in Andhra Pradess, Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The large sized poultry birds can be used to produce valuable eggs, meat, oil, skin and feathers.

USA, AUS and China are the leading countries in emu farming.

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