England became the first team to score 5 lakh runs in Test cricket


England cricket team has become the first team in the world to score 500,000 runs in Tests. England achieved this feat in the fourth and final Test against South Africa at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg. England has done this record in its 1022nd Test match.

At the same time, Australia is second with 432,706 runs in 830 Tests and India is third with 273,518 in 540 Tests. West Indies is at number four with 270,441 runs in 545 Tests. India has played 268 Test matches so far on foreign soil, out of which it has won 51, lost 113 and drawn 104.

Ben Stokes came into the limelight in the fourth Test against South Africa at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg due to his bad behavior. Ben Stokes used profane language against a fan. The voice of this vulgar language was recorded by the broadcaster and he later shared it on social media. Stokes was dismissed for only two runs during his innings.

Stokes later apologized on social media for his behavior. Stokes wrote on Twitter, ‘The kind of language I used after I got out, everyone heard it on live broadcasts. I apologize for that language. When I was going out towards the pavilion, I was constantly being targeted with indecent language from the audience.

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